Business Law

Business law is litigation that involves business, commerce, transactions, contracts, and fraud.  An attorney is often required to resolve business matters including the following areas of practice:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Business Disputes
  • Formation of a Business
  • Collections
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Construction Disputes
  • Employment and Labor Disputes
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Erroneous Credit Reporting
  • Fraud
  • Civil Litigation
  • General Corporate Counsel
  • Landlord / Tenant Cases
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Tortious Interference with Contract

An attorney is necessary to represent you in many types of business litigation.  Your attorney will work to resolve the case through mediation or negotiation whenever possible.  In many cases, a settlement is made to favorably resolve the case.  In cases where no settlement is made, the case will proceed to trial.  Your attorney will work tirelessly to make sure that your case is properly concluded in your favor.

An experienced attorney will review your case and work to obtain all the necessary information that is required to proceed.  The first step is to consult with the attorney, who will advise you as to the best way to move forward.  Business cases may be settled out of court or may proceed to trial.  Our experienced attorneys will guide you every step of the way through the process to get the best possible outcome.