Negligent Security

Injuries due to negligent security happen more often than they should. Negligent security occurs when the possessor of a premises does not fulfill his legal obligation to provide a safe establishment. A landowner or premise possessor is legally required to:

  • Use reasonable care to keep the premises in a safe condition
  • Use reasonable care to learn about any dangerous conditions
  • Provide everyone with a warning of any concealed potential dangers
  • Properly correct any dangerous conditions

There are different types of safety precautions that must be followed depending on the specific business. Some businesses must take more precautions than others. For example, a sports stadium has a duty to provide all patrons with a safe experience. The safety program used must take into account potential human mistakes that can ultimately cause hazards. As a customer, you are not expected to be on the lookout for dangerous situations.

In order to prove a negligent security case your attorney will need to prove that the owner was able to have reasonably foreseen the danger and was negligent. If the landowner has had prior similar cases they can be used to prove that he should have prevented the accident from occurring.

If you or a loved one has been injured due to negligent security an experienced attorney will fight to get you the compensation you are owed. Some of the most common reasons for compensation include:

  • Medical costs
  • Money for pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Mental anguish
  • Future medical bills

Your attorney will work to establish your case and will negotiate to get you a settlement. Most cases are settled but if your case does go to court, your attorney will vigilantly protect your rights to get you the money you deserve.