V Visa

Originally, the V Visa was designed to assist a green card holder in reuniting with family. The V Visa was a way to expedite the entry of family members who were still residing in the country of origin. This type of visa was a way to expedite keeping families together. However, the original V Visa expired in 2000 and has not been renewed by Congress. Therefore, the only people who currently qualify for a V Visa are those who originally received their green card prior to the year 2000. It is doubtful that any people still qualify for this type of green card.

The policy that allows reuniting of family members is still in effect in a different way. A citizen can sponsor a family and allow for some type of immigration status. Those who are employed in the U.S. under a work visa are able to get visas for their family members. In some cases it may be faster for a green card holder to simply apply for citizenship and sponsor a family.

To learn the current options available to you, consult your attorney. The attorney will be able to assess your specific needs and assist in determining the best method of visa to use for your circumstances.