Probation Violation

A probation violation is when a person on probation violates the terms of the probation. If you were convicted of a crime you may have a term of probation. Probation is designed to help those who are convicted criminals have a successful transition to an honest lifestyle. Some of the conditions of probation may include such things as checking in with your probation officer weekly or monthly, actively looking for employment, and staying away from known criminals. The exact terms of your probation were provided to you when you started your period of probation.

Some common probation violations include:

  • Failure to meet with probation officer as specified in your probation
  • Moved and failed to give your probation officer the information
  • Fraternizing with known criminals
  • Committing a crime

The consequence for probation violation is typically revocation of the probation and reinstatement of the original sentence. For example, you may be placed on probation instead of serving jail time. If you violate your probation your original sentence will likely be invoked.

If you have violated probation and are charged with a crime, it is important to take immediate steps to resolve the situation. Ignoring the problem will only make it worse. The best course of action is to work with an experienced criminal attorney who will work to defend you against the charges. In some cases, the attorney will successfully work to get you a second chance. This allows you to stay on probation and avoid the consequences of spending time in jail.