There are many different types of fraud.  Fraud is the crime of taking money or something of value through a deliberate action of deception.  In California, fraud cases are often highly investigated prior to charges being filed.  Some of the most common types of fraud include:

  • Insurance Fraud
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Bank Fraud
  • Investment Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Worker’s Compensation Fraud
  • Mail Fraud

Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud is a felony that is committed by concealing information or intentionally lying for personal gain.  There are several types of insurance fraud including car insurance fraud, medical fraud, disability fraud and worker’s comp fraud.  Frauds are also considered scams and are charged under several California insurance fraud laws.  Filing false insurance claims or conspiring or assisting to do so are all illegal and could be prosecuted as felonies. 

The most common types of insurance fraud include car insurance fraud, medical insurance fraud, and disability fraud.  These types of fraud are scams that involve false medical claims, staged car accidents, and property that is falsely reported lost or stolen.  These crimes are investigated and prosecuted using special task units.  For example, car insurance fraud cases are handled through the Los Angeles Insurance Fraud Task Force. 

Bank, Mail, and Tax Fraud

Bank, mail, and tax fraud often involve making deposits to cover up illegal activities or hiding or disguising transactions.  These actions are intended to deceive in order to avoid IRS tax reporting.  The Internet can add some complexity to the case.  Loan scams may be linked to mail or bank fraud. Similar crimes include mortgage fraud and investment fraud. These are all serious crimes that are prosecuted as felonies.  Fraud is often classified as white collar crime. 


If convicted of fraud the penalties can be steep.  In most cases, fraud is a felony with potential sentencing of:

  • Jail Service (2-5 years and up)
  • Fines (depending on crime can be up to $50,000)
  • Restitution
  • Fines

A felony conviction will be on your record and will lower your ability to get a job in the future.  The penalties for fraud convictions vary based on the severity of the crime and the criminal background of the individual.

If you have been accused of a fraud crime it is important to immediately hire an attorney to represent you.  Law enforcement has completed extensive investigations before charging these types of crimes.   You need an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist in your defense.  An attorney will work to determine your defense and to try to have the charges reduced.