Aiding & Abetting

Aiding & Abetting is a criminal offense that is committed by a person who is part of planning a crime but has not directly carried out the crime. Whenever someone is even distantly part of the planning or carrying out of a criminal act, he or she may be charged with aiding & abetting. While the person who committed the act will certainly be charged with a crime, anyone who has assisted in any manner has also engaged in criminal behavior and may be prosecuted. There may be several or more people charged with aiding & abetting for any particular crime. If someone acts in conjunction with or as a partner to, a criminal offender, he or she may be charged with aiding &abetting.

For the act of aiding & abetting, the offender stands to gain something of value as a result of the crime, such as money, jewelry, or other property. If someone works with a criminal in the planning of a robbery, he can be charged with aiding & abetting, even though he has not directly participated in the robbery itself. An example of aiding & abetting may be driving the “getaway car” for a robbery. While the driver did not physically participate in the robbery itself, he did aid in the robbery, and as such can be charged with aiding & abetting.

If you are charged with aiding & abetting you need to seek the advice of a skilled attorney. Aiding & abetting is a serious offense. You must immediately get representation. You will be advised as to how to proceed. In many cases your attorney will be able to fight these charges and will work to get the charges reduced or dismissed.