General Civil Disputes / Litigation

If you have been wronged and feel that a lawsuit is necessary, or if someone is suing you, you’ll need the services of an experienced civil litigation attorney.  When you suffer harm due to someone else, you may need to recoup your losses through a lawsuit.  Your losses may be physical injury, economic loss, or harm to your reputation.  When the situation cannot be resolved any other way, a lawsuit may be the best alternative.   A lawsuit of this type is filed in civil court. 

Resolution of civil disputes may be accomplished through a variety of options including:

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Court

If you feel you have been injured you may have grounds for a civil lawsuit to seek monetary damages for physical, financial, or emotional harm caused to you.  If the harm was reckless or intentional, you may also be entitled to punitive damages.  A civil action may also seek a specific remedy such as the return of property, an injunction to cease and desist, or other actions. Your attorney will work to establish negligence and wrongful acts in order to bring the situation to a reasonable conclusion. 

If you are being sued in a civil matter you may be liable for damages. In some cases, your insurance provider may not provide adequate support.  An experienced civil litigation attorney will provide a defense with the goal of proving that you were wrongly accused or that no actual harm was done. Your lawyer will work to resolve the matter without going to court.  If the matter proceeds to court, your attorney will work vigorously to defend you at trial. 

Some of the most common civil litigation matters include:

  • Business / Commercial litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Fraud
  • Real Estate litigation
  • Defamation
  • Insurance coverage
  • Probate litigation
  • Employment litigation