Every business experiences collection issues.  You need to protect your business by using collection and enforcement techniques to make sure that you get paid for your goods or services.  Collection issues are best handled by a qualified attorney.  The attorney will do whatever is legally necessary to collect debts, obtain and enforce judgments, levy bank accounts and record liens.
The collections process typically has 3 parts:

  •  Demand Letter
  • Filing a Lawsuit that ends with settlement or judgment
  • Enforcement of judgment

There are many reasons why your business may be owed money.  Whether the amount of money owed is large or small, a qualified attorney may be the best option for getting what is owed.  Some of the most common reasons for the need of a collection attorney include:

  • Unpaid goods or services
  • Construction debts
  • Foreclosure
  • Arbitration awards
  • Loans
  • Judgments

If your business is owed money it is essential to get legal assistance in getting it back.  The extent of the resolution depends on the amount of the debt in question.  In many cases, a simple demand letter from your attorney will cause the debt to be promptly paid.  If the debt isn’t repaid, your attorney will work to resolve the case including filing and following through with a lawsuit if necessary.  Don’t let your business suffer because of unpaid debt owed to you.  A qualified attorney will work to get your money back using every possible legal action.