Business / Partner Disputes

In business, partnership doesn’t always work out well. From time to time a partnership may experience a dispute. In some cases the partners can amicably work out the dispute together. However, some business or partner disputes are conflicts that can’t easily be resolved. Most disputes stem from issues of control, trust, and money. Partnerships have complex dynamics at work. In many cases the dispute can be resolved through the use of an attorney.

Business disputes can be disruptive to the business and can actually cause financial problems if left unresolved. Common business disputes include:

  • Partnership Disputes
  • Director Disputes
  • Shareholder Disagreements
  • Family Business Disputes

The goal of your attorney is to resolve the financial and legal issues. Your attorney will work with financial analysts and forensic accountants to obtain a proper valuation of the business and review it for any financial irregularities.

An attorney will also work with you to draft the terms of a partnership buyout agreement. In cases where the entire business is being sold, your attorney will prepare the legal and financial paperwork that is necessary for the sale of the business.

Your attorney will work with you to provide you with options to resolve the dispute while allowing the company to continue to operate. Some of the options available may include structured buyouts, revised management agreements, asset reallocation, and other alternatives. The dispute may be resolved through:

  • Mediation
  • Negotiation
  • Arbitration

If the dispute cannot be resolved, the case will progress to civil court. Your attorney will work to provide the best legal arguments in court. If you are involved in a business partner dispute it is best to obtain an attorney to work through the situation with you from start to finish.